Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter dining ...

I love eating in winter. Hearty, warm meals and generous carafes of smoky, full-bodied wines. Sure, it all adds an extra pound or two around the middle, but who's counting.

Image via 5 Minutes Just For Me.

Since we reserve our entertaining for warmer months outdoors, winter is more about cozy, at home dinners for just hubby and me, or small gatherings in our intimate dining room.

Image of the Winter Dining Room at Casa Rocca Piccola.
I love looking at dining spaces that enhance the warm, casual comfort of a winter's evening with friends. 

Image via Design Muse.

The glow of candlelight adds drama to the tabletop, and fresh, floral centerpieces can set a casual or formal tone with rich, seasonal blooms.

Image via Comfortable Home Design.

After putting away the Christmas decor and formal linens, it's refreshing to add casual classics to the tabletop. 

Image via Dwell Studio.

The fabric choices offered by Dwell Studio are must-haves, and gray is my go-to look right now, so I'm really drawn to the bold graphics from their tabletop collection (above).

Image via Providence Ltd Interior Design.

I love it when objects can do double duty and look spectacular in the process. Here, guest favors and place cards are one-in-the-same. Lovely, mix and match china cups can host young plants for sharing, while tea-stained tags create a vintage mood for calligraphy.

Makes me what to host a little dinner party ...

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