Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sneak peek ...

Here's a sneak peek of one of the items we've been constructing for our Capistrano Soap Company market booth. Next week, we'll be trekking to the Dallas Market Center to showcase our new luxury line of natural soaps and lotions, and a display counter for our ACEQUIA Bath and Body Collection is a necessity.

Hubby builds the light box framework.

So, hubby and I once again serve as our own design/build team.  I designed our little counter with light box, hubby built it to perfection, and I completed the finish paint and logo graphics.

Our finished light box display counter ready for the ACEQUIA product launch at market.

The top section is a light box topped with a white acrylic sheet that is lit from below.

I had our logo and product description printed on white vinyl, adhesive decals
and applied them to the counter sections. It's an inexpensive, seamless look.

We've been hustling to get everything ready for our debut to regional and national retailers and buyers. It's been one construction project or another for several weeks now. We're sticking to our budget, and that means getting really creative with the booth design elements.

I'll take photos when we get our booth set and share them as soon as we get back. Ta ta for now ...

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