Saturday, January 14, 2012

Long winter's nap ...

I am perfectly happy to snuggle under the covers for a long winter's nap. And, where better to practice a little hibernation that in a bedroom warmed by a cozy fire?

Image via House Beautiful.

What simple luxury ... what romance! I could be fabulously content with a bedroom like this.


Another soaring ceiling, handsome fireplace, luxurious bed linens and dramatic chairs. Images above via Traditional Home. Yum.

Image via Bella Notte linens.

Talk about drama! A stark, dark, brooding design envelopes this room. My thoughts are whispering deep restful slumber.

Image via Crush Cul de Sac.

I think I'll just stretch out and read a bit before bed. What a novel idea, and what a scrumptious bed! Surprisingly, I'm fond of the wallpaper, too.

Image by San Francisco interior designer Charles de Lisle.

Is it just me or does everyone think of mountain cabins, hot chocolate and thermal underwear? All sound like excellent accompaniments for a snooze-worthy afternoon.

Image via IKEA.

I'm always shopping for Paris apartments online, and find myself designing and redesigning every floorplan. All this just in case I can convince my hubby that we really NEED to buy one. What I have discovered is that when the day arrives that we pick up the keys to our own place in Paris, I'll be heading to IKEA for much of the fittings, including my bedroom furnishings. Then, I'll take a little nap before the work/fun begins!

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