Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gallery walls ...

Framing and hanging cherished photos or favorite artwork can be habit forming, not to mention the highly addictive nature of creating gallery walls at home. But, to achieve harmony and balance, it takes a bit more than simply hammering randomly placed nails into a wall.

Image via A Perfect Gray.

I've shared some of my own art walls along with others that captured my attention in a previous postBut, I keep adding to my little library of inspirational walls that reflect a gallerist's eye.

Image via Decor Pad.

When curating a collection to be displayed together, I take my cue from interior designers whose collections often contain both photos and art, which really is more intriguing to me than just one or the other.
Image via Decor Pad.

There are some great tutorials on the internet that address frame placement.  Several blogs offer professional advice, including: Corea Sotropa Interior Design and Brooklyn Limestone. Personally, I like all pieces in one grouping to either have the same frames or frames of similar color, or have art that is of similar color or subject matter.

Images above via Crush Cul de Sac (left) and Layla Grayce (right).

I've learned several things from studying the work of gallerists and designers: 1) layout the frames as a composition on the floor first before transferring the scheme to the wall, 2) create one central axis across a horizontal or vertical plane so the eye will find a symmetry that is soothing even when the overall composition appears random, and finally, 3) start hanging from the center of your grouping outward (much more forgiving of little errors and it allows you to add to the collection later.)

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