Saturday, January 7, 2012

The fire is so delightful ...

Mesmerized by a roaring fire and smitten by the beauty of the hearth, I'm at the ready with firewood and matches just waiting for cold weather! I adore fireplaces, but we have to turn on our air conditioner to use ours ... (darn Texas weather) it's pointless, I tell you!

Image via Art & Decoration.

Nevertheless, I love our fireplace as an architectural element (since it really serves no practical purpose here). And, I am beyond giddy when we do have the rare opportunity to light the logs and snuggle in front of the fire.

If I were listing some of my favorite fireplaces, both of those above would make the cut. Images above via Zsa Zsa Bellagio (left) and JAB Anstoetz Four Seasons (right).

I'm certainly not opposed to going modern. Just look at the beauty of this sleek little number at l'Hotel Particulier in Arles, France. If you have a chance to visit their website, do so. You won't regret the time spent drooling over every aspect of the hotel, including the fireplaces throughout!

Image via This Home Sweet Home.

Don't tell me you're surprised by my choice above. It has all the right bones and to-die-for visual presence with the graphic wallpaper. Yummy even without a fire.

Today is another wintery day in San Antonio ... sunshine and 77 degrees. Oh darn, no lit fireplace tonight, either!

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