Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sparkle and shine ...

The holidays call for attire with lots of sparkle and shine. So, I've selected my favorite picks for this year's party circuit.

My absolute favorite dress is this stunner (above). Photos of it are plastered all over Pinterest with no attribution. Does anyone know who makes/sells this dress? I don't think party attire can get much better than this!


I do like the three looks (above and at left) from Nordstrom's. Lots of sparkle and a flattering fit are my idea of festive dresses that can go from work party to a special night out on the town.

The two dresses (below) are glamorous and flirty with shapely silhouettes and just the right amount of holiday shimmer. The beautiful Le Femme cocktail dress with layered white skirt (left) is available on the New York Dress website.

The layered chiffon, Heidi party dress (below right) is sold by Oxygen Boutique.


Image via designer Jerri Moore.

It's so fun to see vintage styles making a return during the holiday season. The dress above reminds me of one I fell in love with when I was just a little girl. A gorgeous blonde married into our family and wore an almost identical dress to my parent's anniversary party. I have kept looking for one like it ever since. Now, Jerri Moore has designed one I can get my hands on. Hurray!

I'm just waiting to see this polished platinum dress from Anthropologie on a Dick Van Dyke show rerun. Can't you just envision Mary Tyler Moore as 'Laura Petrie' in this dress?

When it's time to lift a flute of champagne, this dress could easily be the toast of the party. From Alice + Olivia at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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