Saturday, December 31, 2011

Progressive dinners ...

Progressive dinner parties have always appealed to me. Yet, I've never attended or hosted one. I love the idea of a party where each successive course is eaten at a different host's house, and the guests progress from house to house.

Image via She Knows.

The problem is that each of our friends live a significant distance from one another, and hopping in a car and driving to another destination for the next dinner course looses some of its appeal (not to mention that it puts a damper on drinking wine and spirits!).

Image via Suddenly Single Now.

We host soirees in the warmer months under our wisteria-covered pergola, but in the winter our outdoor entertaining choices are nil. So, it would be fun to be part of a communal event that lets each host serve one course in their home with minimal work, prep and cleanup. It's a party plan perfect for city dwellers who can walk or hop on a subway to the next abode.

Image via I'm a NOLA Girl.

It seems like these parties would work well in walkable neighborhoods like a downtown urban corridor or even a rural village, but our suburban setting presents greater challenges.

Image via Oh Happy Day.

Acquaintances in Paris host progressive dinners that transverse the City of Light via the Metro. With six to eight guests and three or four party venues, there is ample opportunity for starters, entree, dessert and drinks at a different host's home.

Jordan, a party planner from San Francisco who has moved to Paris, chronicled her progressive dinner party on her blog, Oh Happy Day. I secretly want to be on her invitation list next time we're in Paris. Until then, I'll just start planning for spring when we can take our parties outdoors.

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