Saturday, December 3, 2011

Home bodies ...

I'm an art lover, and man's fascination with the human torso always captures my attention in every artistic media. Perhaps, it speaks to me most vividly in the form of sculpture, which I love to see as part of a home art collection.

I am intrigued by the inspiration from which artists derive their prospective and subject matter, but am equally fascinated with the skill required to communicate the beauty of the human body.

Image via Casa Sugar.

View (above) of the Milan apartment belonging to Italian architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni includes a larger-than-life, modern sculpture set before yummy gray walls.


Images above via Architectural Digest (left) and Thrive Decor (right) reflect handsome metal finishes with perfect patinas.

Image via Houzz.

The spa-like bath/retreat above derives much of its Indonesian character from the life-size figure of Buddha.


Unadorned body parts add their own unique artistic interpretation to a design style. Online decor catalogs offer affordably priced pieces with the look of one-of-a-kind originals. Images above via (left) and Design Toscano (right).

Image via Access Decorati.

Grouping sculpture with other works of art is a great way to display a collection with similar themes in a variety of media.

Every wondered what to do with old washers laying around in your old toolbox? I love this torso sculpture and the gradient metallic finish made of washers by Las Vegas artist Holly Lentz. She sells this piece and her other amazing works from 'The Edge Studio' on 

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