Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Project: Framed Wreath ...

One of my favorite holiday projects is creating a Christmas wreath to usher in the season. Last year, I posted our acorn wreath project, and this year's wreath is even easier.

It only takes 10-15 minutes of project time and four items: a picture frame (be it bulky or slim, large or small), a sheet of moss (available at most craft stores), hot glue gun and ribbon.

I made my framed Christmas wreath with a $1 frame from Goodwill and moss purchased at a local craft store.

Cut the moss into four rectangles long and wide enough to cover each of the four edges of the frame. Apply hot glue to one edge at a time, pressing the moss gently around each. Wrap a ribbon around the center of the top edge and tie a bow for hanging.

My wreath is unadorned, but you could add small ornaments, berries, little bulbs ... well, you get the picture. This wreath can be as humble or as elaborate as you like, and it's so simple to join two or more together with ribbon for even greater impact.

Image via Country Living.

Don't have an inclination to make a square wreath? Frame one! Handsome wood frames add drama and give holiday greenery a welcome prominence. The photo above is a perfect example of framing for impact.

Image via Southern Living

Windows frame wreaths beautifully, don't you think? I love the little vignette above that adds holiday shimmer to a vintage window frame and table.

Image from the Atlanta Christmas showhouse via Plum Tree Studio

If I had a bank of windows or French doors like the ones above, rest assured I'd have a wreath hanging in every one. Bellissimo! 

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