Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift wrap ideas ...

I've been thinking about great gift wrap ideas for Christmas. This year, I really want to put some effort into packaging my gifts with a bit of creativity.

Image via Festivals Advices.

As a child, I received Christmas packages from my out-of-state aunts who loved to make the gift wrap as beautiful and fun as the gift itself, with lots of trinkets tied to the bows and ribbons.

Images via Good Housekeeping (left) and Older and Wisor (right).

They knew trimming a gift can be cleverly creative. So, I think I'll use one of their favorite trims, felt. Felt may be one of the best and easiest of all materials for holiday gifts (and, it doesn't crush if you're mailing packages!)

Image The Country Chic Cottage.

The most humble of wrapping papers can be transformed with a vintage, hand-crocheted doily, ribbon and simple button.

Images via Country Living (left) and Tip Junkie (right).

Think outside of the box for wrapping ideas. From sheet music to newsprint, papers can be a great starting point for decorating packages.

Image via Older and Wisor.

Simple brown craft paper can be transformed by affixing a colorful paper layer to the top or using stamps to create personalized gifts.

Image via Good Housekeeping.

When I mentioned 'thinking outside of the box,' that includes using other containers, too. New paint cans can be found at the big box home improvement stores, and at one of my favorite shopping destinations, The Container Store.

Image via Best Design Options.

When a pair of denim jeans is about to be tossed at our house, I cut off the back pockets and the legs and save for future projects. Now, here's a great idea for using those pieces that I've accumulated! Perfect for gift wrapping a bottle of bubbly and holding a corkscrew.

Image via Simply Grove.

I like the idea of transporting packages in a basket or container that becomes part of the gift, too. With a little aromatic greenery, the holiday spirit is a treat for all of the senses. 

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