Saturday, December 31, 2011

Get nailed ...

Does everyone love nailhead trim or is it just me? I can't get enough of this little decorative detail.

Headboards like those above and below are perfect partners for nailhead trim. It's such a simple little design element, but it adds loads of personality and a classic accent. Images via We Heart It (above) and House Beautiful (below).

Nailheads can add a bold and energetic finish to hard lines, too. Are you seeing what I'm seeing below? It looks like high end cabinetry, but I think it could be duplicated with a simple IKEA type cabinet with a clever design executed in nailheads. Brilliant! 

Images via First Sense (above) and Houzz (close-up below).

I'm always amazed when designers and visionary homeowners take an element like nailhead trim and create something totally unique like the sitting area below. With the unusual angles present in this room, measuring and laying out the design on these walls had to be a challenge.

Image via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle magazine.
Nailheads succeed splendidly in creating architectural interest to a plain, painted door below. And, just look how handsomely tailored the banquet is with the addition of the trim.

Images above via Martha Stewart (left) and Pinterest (right).

I know I've posted the photo above previously, but I swoon over every element here: from the marble top and dove gray coloring to the LED lighting and nailheads that edge this cabinetry. Delicious!

Image via The Little Book of Secrets.

And, how can I forget chairs! Chairs with nailhead trim are humble, charming and oh-so-beautiful in my eyes.

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