Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wine bottle projects ...

Who knew there was such a diverse afterlife for wine bottles? Sure, I had ideas of what to do with my abundant collection of empties, like make some casual glassware. But, after seeing the wine bottle projects from a number of creative minds, I may have to alter my plans.

Image via Northwestern Wine.

Okay, let's talk about totally contemporary sconces. Love it!

Image via Jane Deere.

Filled with twinkle lights, wine bottles can be cheery accent lighting for your holiday decor. Just think about how clever these bottles would look suspended as a chandelier (above) or grouped on a home bar or pub (below) during the Christmas season. The 'How To' can be found at Instructables.

Image via Instructables.

Maybe I could make a dozen or so wine bottle vases like the one below for friends. A bit of glue, a few dots and some paint is all it takes. Viola! Lovely modern vase.

Project and image via Onevinaka.

A bit less refined, but equally artsy and fun, are simply painted wine bottles with personalized details.

Image via Curious Sofa.

This is a super simple project that anyone could master. Paint a wine bottle with a layer of gesso. Dry, then, stencil a personalized design or number (as shown above). This is giving me zillions of ideas! The tags here are pricetags, but wouldn't a heartfelt note on a tag be simply divine!?!

Image via Ruthi Auda.

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I'm a fan of blackboard paint. And, I have to say, I'm really fond of this wine bottle reuse idea. Painted with blackboard paint, I could create any kind of design with chalk or a chalk marker (Chalk Ink), available at most craft stores. Make a birthday card, create an invitation, use it instead of place cards on a table ... the possibilities are endless.

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Cindy Albert said...

Deborah, such fun ideas for wine bottles. I absolutely love the sconce. I have seen wine bottle chandeliers too--very clever!

All the best, Cindy

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