Saturday, November 26, 2011

A way with clay ...

When Susan Rodriguez has her way with clay, the earthenware takes on unique colors and patterns to become spicy, fun-loving dinnerware. All of her pottery is built by hand in her home studio here locally in San Antonio, Texas.

Rodriguez's coral pink Spinning Daisies dish on the top and Lime Sparkle dinner plate on bottom are spunky and whimsical. So much fun! I would have a temptation to serve everything from jelly beans to guacamole in these pieces.

I am really drawn to the bold white asterisk stars on a deep teal background (above). The pattern gives this small serving bowl loads of personality, and an asterisk surfaces again on the drip shaped hand built plate in peacock blue (below).

Her spunky modern vase in bright cobalt blue with a white, eye-shaped pattern (below) is just one of the many earthenware pieces decorated using hand cut paper stencils and stains that Rodriquez offers online via her Ceramica Botanical shop on Etsy

She also uses intricate sgraffito floral designs etched into the clay before firing. The bowl below has a blue/white interior pattern and a green/white exterior sgraffito floral motif. 

High contrast sgraffito is a time consuming process in which the bowl is painted in a colored slip (liquid clay), and, then, a design is etched into the surface leaving the white clay body exposed for amazing texture. I really like the use of two colors, one on the inside and one on the outside of most of her pieces.

I'm sure every meal on Rodriquez's dishware is a celebration of fun shapes and colors. Her fan base for one-of-a-kind bowls, vases, platters, plates and cups is growing. As a member of the San Antonio Potter's Guild, Rodriquez joined fellow clay artists at last weekend's First Annual Clay Festival at the Pearl Farmer's Market.

Now, where is my Christmas wish list? I believe I have an addition to make ...

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