Saturday, November 19, 2011

Urn respect ...

Image via Halloran Antiques.
I have to admit it. I'm a sucker for a shapely urn. It's not easy to pass one by without staring and fighting the urge to take it home.

At flea markets, consignment shops and antique stores, I have given into temptation and brought home a few okay, more than a few ... in concrete, plaster, tin, resin and at last count four (maybe more) made of wire.

There are just so many ways to use an urn. They can be filled with flowers (real or fake), feathers, fruits, gifts, tokens or holiday ornaments.

This year, I'm going to use one of mine for our Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

I found a particularly attractive arrangement (below) shot by photographer Dana Gallagher that is serving as my inspiration photo.

Image photographed by Dana Gallagher.

I wanted a flower filled urn similar to the one above, but on a smaller scale. So, I took out one of my favorite pieces and set out in my secret garden to cut some stems from my Thryallis (galphimia glauca) that is blooming profusely.

All images by Alamodeus.

My quick little photo tutorial (above) gives you an step-by-step guide using a foam disc cut into a donut shape, then, wrapped in moss (which you can glue or pin to the foam). A plastic bowl houses a water-filled floral oasis that will be set into the urn. The moss donut rests on top of the bowl and floral stems are nestled into the oasis.

Image by Alamodeus.

Viola! My super easy Thanksgiving centerpiece is ready for its move from my studio to our table. I like its 'natural, unstructured' look, but, you may prefer something more refined.


Perhaps, flowers or fresh fruit would fit perfectly at the Thanksgiving table. Images above via Outdoor-Indoors (left) and Little French Garden House (right).  Both of these arranged urns are lovely.

Image via House Beautiful.

Oooh, this looks really easy.  Just slip a few berry branches inside an urn, and you're done.


Images above via Sweet Peas (left) and Carrot Creek Boutique (right).

The arrangements above show just how sweet small urns look with the simple addition of flowers and greenery. My roses are in spectacular fall bloom right now, which may become part of an arrangement for our guest room during the holidays.


Images above via Petalena (left) and Floral Home Decor (right).

I've been looking for ways to use the stock of pheasant feathers residing in my studio, so maybe I should work on something a little more dramatic. Pussy willow branches are striking, too.

Someone stop me before my house becomes mistaken for a florist shop! I've got to get busy with setting the dining room table for our little feast.

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