Saturday, November 26, 2011

Twinkle, twinkle ...

String lights make everything look so ____________ (blank can be filled in with your choice of delightful adjectives, like romantic, charming, festive, cheerful, etc.) I adore these joyful sparklers, and not just during Christmas!

Image via Oh Hello Friend.

Twinkling lights give villages and towns a surreal beauty when night falls upon narrow cobblestone streets that lead to charming squares. Visits to Italy and Spain come to mind.

Image via Dellables.

Can entertaining on the patio be any more festive than this? Draping support columns with rows of clear, string lights creates a cozy winter wonderland.

Image via Backyard Designs Lighting.

Bringing those same, clear light strands inside can have a dramatic allure and dynamic effect when placed behind sheer curtains. The gauzy, diffused light reminds me of the climactic scene in the movie, Like Water for Chocolate. Pure joy!

Image via Pinterest.

Even simple, Ball Mason jars look their prettiest with a little twinkle.

Image via JC FYI.

Surrounding framed art or draped around a bejeweled neckline, strings of tiny lit bulbs provide the finishing touch. Solar and battery operated light strands (available at most craft stores) make lights mobile, opening up a whole new realm of creative possibilities.

Images below via SF Girl by Bay (left) and Beyond Open Water (right). 

I love the idea of lighting a tent with string lights. Somehow, it takes camping out of the 'roughing it' mode and clearly invites more interest from the ladies.

Image via Corner of the World.

I want to throw a tented gathering with little beams of light dancing around my friends!

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Anonymous said...

Bring on the s'mores!!!!! MAT

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