Saturday, November 19, 2011

Take it inside ...

Yes, indoor gardening season is here. With cool weather is upon us, it's time to think about protecting delicate plants. While I don't have much room inside for these leafy guests, I'll find someplace for their winter residence.

Image by Daniela Guasco.

There are always the window sills, I suppose. And, these vintage tins are a clever decorative touch. Just remember anything made of metal will rust with watering, so take precautions underneath to keep the sills clean and protected.

Image via Campus Kitchens.

All you need are a few drain holes poked in the bottom of these colorful tin pots and a sink underneath to catch the water. What a cheerful way to have fresh herbs growing throughout the cold winter. I really wish I had a window over my kitchen sink!

Image via Garden and Gun.

If I had to bring all my plants inside, it would necessitate a rather large sun room. But, I have a manageable number of tender plants and can dedicate a space with southern exposure.

Image via IKEA Family Live.

Rooms are charming with their green guests and cozy furnishings.

Image via The Inside Story.

The cold season is also a great time to be rooting plants in water for transplanting in spring. And, if you seek the company of greenery during the winter, waterborne growers are simple to care for and fascinating to behold.

Image via Martha Stewart.

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