Saturday, November 19, 2011

Planting bulbs ...

I'm sad to see the incandescent light bulb being phased out. I'm not very fond of florescent lighting. Hey, I'm all for saving energy, but in years to come, there'll be no incandescent bulbs ... just florescents that twirl out a ghoulish glow onto skin and give photographs an tint that's oddly yellow.

Image via Green Wedding Shoes.

But, while these little glass bulbs are still floating around our homes, offices and stores, we can use them as great little project starters when not occupying time in a lamp.


I have a new admiration for those ingenious spirits who have devoted their time and talent to creating mini terrariums and vases from used bulbs.

These little jewels are lovely to behold.

Above, The Hipster Ho (yes, you read that right)  has a great tutorial on creating a mini-terrarium. I appreciate crafters who share their step-by-step instructions with great photos of the process.

The folks at Acquire Boutique have hung converted bulbs/vases en masse in their shop window (left). What a striking look for hosting tiny plants as the take root in water.

If you can't stand the thought of the bulb in retirement, give it a new lighting job as an oil lamp just by adding oil, wick and old bottle cap, like in the photo below.

Image via DIY Guides.

Goodbye, little bulb. You have served us well.

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