Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lofty ideas ...

Loft living is one of my design dreams spawned by a love for salvaged spaces in old factories and warehouses. One day, I would like to rehab a sprawling space perched above the bustling skyline. Until then, I'll just have to appreciate the urban loft lifestyle of city dwellers who are revitalizing the downtown core in cities across America.

Image via unknown.

Floor to ceiling windows make most lofts feel abundantly airy and light, and playfully dramatic with their spectacular views of the city.

Image via We Heart It.

These spaces are far different today from their humble beginnings.  Loft living really began with the cheap studios of starving artists who slept in the derelict industrial buildings to avoid paying rent.

Image of Marcus Nispel's loft in New York.

Today, artists still love the live/work environment of lofts with exposed brick and aged wood beams and floors. But, these spaces have evolved from the 1960s New York SoHo dives to chic living concepts. 

Image via Made By Girl.

So romantic is the notion of living the loft life, newly constructed buildings are being designed to echo the historic appeal of the original loft concept. Photos below via Ninbra (left) and New Jersey Real Estate Guys (right).

What I love about open concept living are the endless design possibilities. Defining spaces with scale and placement of furniture and the addition of rugs and lighting is the best of all worlds for a serial re-decorator like me.

Image via Zara Home.
While she may have been a steel mill welder by day and bar dancer by night, Jennifer Beals' character in Flashdance made living in an industrial loft avante garde (hey, at least it was in 1983)!

Image via Anthropolgie.

It may no longer be as novel as it was almost 30 years ago, but loft living still appeals to our modern sensibilities and the desire to regrow our inner cities' with the historic fabric already in place.

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