Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just one more nap ...

I'd like just one more nap outside under our pergola before the weather turns too cool. And, while I'm dozing, I'll be thinking of what a lovely addition any of these outdoor daybeds would make at our place.

Photo by New York Times photographer Tony Cenicola.

All I need is a shady spot with a pillow and a light blanket to keep off the chill.

Image via Brabourne Farm.

Even the falling leaves would be a welcome accessory with this daybed.

Image via The Inside Story.

I'll just hang up my laundry for a moment and take a little snooze while it dries.

Image via Mildred's Lane.

I may just curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. This slat screened porch with light and netting would keep those pesty mosquitoes at bay while I kick off my shoes and relax.

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Unknown said...

Thank you...wonderful many delicious ideas... I am just leaving Greece, after 3 months and really going to miss all the lovely marble...everywhere, even in simple can there be so much marble...would love to see where it all comes from.

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