Saturday, November 19, 2011

Horsing around ...

I've shared my horse lust in a previous post, so suffice it to say the romance of equestrian style is near the top of my favorites list.

Image via Diamond Baratta Design.

The classical style of equestrian decor is as genteel of spirit and as tastefully refined as a Kentucky horse farm.

Images via Laurie Annas.

I love to see decorative accessories from the polo set as well. Well worn and well heeled, these elements add great character to any space.

Image via Euro Trash.

Equestrian style is a marriage of leather goods and tailored lines, with saddlery and boots the unmistakable icons of the genre, both in decor and in fashion.


Images above via designer Windsor Smith (left) and Pinterest (right).

I find form-fitting jodhpurs, riding boots and leather hobo bag so yummy. With a great little scarf, white knit top and camel blazer, the look can go anywhere and be fabulous! Just ask Ralph Lauren.

Images via Ralph Lauren (left) and Southern Delta Zeta (right).

Okay, it's time to get back on my diet so I can rock this ensemble!

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