Saturday, November 5, 2011

English cottage ...

An English cottage seems storybook perfect for celebrating holidays. I would love to spend the next few weeks filling the halls of my cottage with garlands galore and decorating the hearth next to a crackling fire. But, what a pity. I don't have a cottage!

Cottage in Stansted, England.

I suppose I could re-read a few fairy tales, or perhaps a novel or two by Charles Dickens, and vicariously enjoy my time in a hamlet of stone houses on a winding lane.

Image via Desde My Ventana.

There's something about the steeply gabled roofs and beamed interiors that recall the excitement of childhood stories set in forests and countrysides with damsels and charming princes who come calling.

Photo still from the Nancy Myers film 'The Holiday' via Hooked On Houses.

Cottages are so serene, even when they may be far from their pastoral, English roots. That same warm personality can be created with rustic, eclectic, worn and overstuffed furnishings.

Image via Cote de Texas.

Or, the decor can go high style with a modern English country interpretation.


A mix of patterns, collections, and classic upholstered furniture are the personal embellishments that make a country cottage so inviting. Images above via A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings (left) and Home BB (right).

Image via Dept of The Interior.

Comfort and practicality are the hallmarks of an English cottage, and loads of great photos and design advice can be found in Perfect English, a book by Ros Byam Shaw.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy all your postings! But was surprised when viewing the first picture in this category - the English cottage in Stansted, England - as I once had a jigsaw puzzle of this exact cottage. I've always loved puzzles (mainly crosswords, but have put together hundreds of jigsaws too) & I distinctly remember this cottage, as the colors vere so vivid. You do a wonderful job on this site!
Aunt Nita

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