Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trays chic ...

What's old is new again when it comes to glamorous vanity trays. From boutiques to brocantes, everywhere I visited in Paris had charming vintage trays beguilingly styled in dressing table chic. It was great affirmation for my own mirrored tray (passed down from my grandmother) that holds favorite fragrances and my new ACEQUIA line of bath and body products (below).

Grandmother's antique, mirrored tray holds my onyx compote, perfumes and my new ACEQUIA line of Liquid Castile Hand Soap.

Trays have always held a special place in my heart. As a child, I loved playing at my mother's dressing table ... and my grandmother and aunts always had a dab of perfume or a puff of powder ready to share with me as I explored their vanity trays.

Image via House Beautiful.

Trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, in gold and silver, mirrored or not. Some come with raised galleries, handles, and short feet for support, while others offer a simple raised edge to stop things from sliding off. I would be hard pressed to find one I didn't enjoy as an accoutrement in the boudoir or bath.

Image via Country Living.

I always keep a tray on the bedside dresser in our guest room. It's such a great place to hold jewelry and makeup for overnight guests.

Image via Country Living.

While bedside trays are appealing and functional, they are also attractive accessories to house diminutive clocks and scented candles as well as midnight drinks.

Image via Pierre Deux.

In the bathroom, cherished heirloom trays can be put to work and earn kudos for their practical nature, too. Let them play host to soaps and personal care products. Mirrored trays reflect the beauty of glass and metallic containers, adding texture and light to dress up the room.

Image via Photobucket.

I'm a firm believer that men enjoy handy trays, too. There are utterly handsome trays that offer any man's man a place to drop off change, hold a wallet or house his colognes.

Image via Little Blue Deer.

Every time I scour the consignment shops or fleas, I keep an eye out for unique trays that can be used for entertaining or simply added to accessorize a tabletop.

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