Saturday, October 15, 2011

Release the hounds ...

It's not often that I see a fox, especially on my front lawn. But, this week one of those furry little fellows decided to explore our yard for quite some time before wandering off to our creek for a little rabbit hunting.

Image via My DNC Photos.

Of course, I was mesmerized just watching him (after all, foxes are truly beautiful creatures) and forgot to grab my camera. By the time I realized he might be in search of bunny lunch, I was a bit sad at the prospect.

Image via I. Imgur.

I began thinking of the lovely family of Cottontail rabbits on our property who would be considered an apparent fox delicacy. For heaven sake, someone must sound the horns and release the hounds!

Image via Daily Mail.

Really, not every fox can be held accountable for such poaching on our property. As a matter of fact, there are a number of the furry friends who would be most welcome here, including those below from Etsy.

Bridgman Pottery on Etsy.

Notecards from Sweet Harvey on Etsy.

Art from Cool Ranch Studio on Etsy.

I'm even excited to see the sly fox taking a bow on fun, new fabrics (below) from New House Textiles.

Okay, the fox can stay if he wants, but there will be no bunny lunches served here!

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