Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin panache ...

Do you have pumpkin panache? I love looking at amazing rooms in fall's favorite shade of burnt orange, but I lack the genetic code for this kind of bold statement at home. So, I'll live with my whimpy DNA and admire those who have a penchant for pizazz!

Photo via designer Linda Woodrum.

Kudos to those who have the vision and confidence to pair pumpkin stripes on walls and upholstery with animal prints. As the saying goes, "go big or go home." Awesome!


Yummy dashes (above) in the tastiest shades of orange ... melon, mango, tangerine via Brown Dress With White Dots (left) and House Beautiful (right).

Image via Willow Decor.

Pumpkin hues translated in leather and wool create a vibrant setting for entertaining.

Image via Home Gallery.
Mid-century modern gets a delicious treatment in pumpkin and sky blue.

Image via Javier X.

Who knew pumpkin could be so airy and fresh with a balance of white (above) or so moody and urbane enveloped in charcoal?

Image via Decorative Home Interior.

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