Saturday, October 22, 2011

Looking at my chest ...

Is there hope for a less that perfect chest? Absolutely! I took a bland white chest of drawers that had served two of my daughters from kindergarten to college and gave it an old world spirit.

Standard ho-hum white chest before.

I started with help from my dear hubby who lifted the top off, pulled the top drawer out, cut down the side and back and replaced the top to make a shorter chest.

The next steps were my project playtime with the application of layers upon layers of paints and glazes with light sanding in between to create depth and age. Then, I stenciled, sanded, glazed and gilded to give it a sense of history and the appearance of a century of wear and tear.

Now, the sweet chest adds some much admired character to our guest room. It makes a perfect bedside partner to our antique Indian mirror.

It's fun to see what other refinishing techniques have been used on plain white chests to create 'after' effects that are 'wow' worthy.

Image via Be Colorful.

A brilliant use of chalkboard paint and gray trim (above) creates an outstanding chest renovation.

Image via Elle Decor.

Elle Decor features a chest refinishing project (above) that takes the banal to a beautiful state.

Image via Home Furniture.

Okay, if you have tons of inspiration, more than average talent and lots of time on your hands, it just doesn't get much better than this crazy, cool Moroccan-esque treatment.  Kisses ...

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Quilted Cupcake said...

Love how you repurposed the chest. The result is amazing! Can't believe it's the same piece. I love these kind of upcycled projects.

Please consider adding this project (and perhaps others) to my Thrifty Thursdays link party at my blog:

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