Saturday, October 29, 2011

Living on limestone ...

There are drawbacks to having your property perched on limestone, like when it's time to plant, or dig for any reason. But, I adore the look of limestone, and the upside is the beauty of the rock when taken from the earth to fashion homes and hearths.

Contemporary Hill Country design continues to use limestone construction materials.
Image via Love Where You Live.

Texas Hill Country vernacular architecture is a beautiful mix of limestone and cedar that early German settlers used in their construction to carry the natural textures of the land throughout the built environment. 

Image via Elle Decor.

Stacked limestone walls are a hallmark of Texas Hill Country design. While a necessity in the early construction methods of historic homes, today's designers and builders continue to translate the rustic beauty of the landscape to the interior of many new builds in the region. 

Image via Metropolitan Home magazine.

Limestone fireplaces evoke a warm, happy hearth and home. Equally at ease in a contemporary space (above) or traditional ranch (below), limestone blends gracefully in just about any design scheme. 

It's interesting that so many people familiar with both often compare the Texas Hill Country with the Provence region of France. There is a remarkable similarity, including: terrain, temperature, crops, and the proclivity for limestone building construction.

Images above and below via Euro Trash.

"Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam," and where the light from the chandelier does play. Move this yummy French guest house to my place or get me there ASAP. I'm in love. And, yes, I'd like to keep the horse, too.

Images above via Euro Trash.

Now, do you see how limestone love can be contagious?


Cindy Albert said...

I love the last two images from Euro Trash. I moved from an equestrian community to the beach in Southern California, but there is something about a horse standing in front that rustic architecture that just makes my heart sing. Aren't the chandeliers amazing too.

Very nice post! All the best, Cindy

raisondart said...

i live on limestone, as it's everywhere here in France. Nothing more beautiful, inside and out.

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