Saturday, October 29, 2011

Light my fire ...

What's the next best thing to a campfire? No guessing. I'll give you the answer ... a backyard fire pit. With a historic drought in our state and a burn ban in effect, the most we can light up outdoors right now is a grill. But, I'm thinking ...

Fire pit image via Pinterest.

It would be lovely to invite friends and family to gather around for a marshmallow roast, wearing big bulky sweaters and holding a foamy hot chocolate cupped in our hands. Sublime little vision!

Image via HGTV.

It's not too late to build a fire pit for this season. It seems that a fire pit is an easy build in just a few hours using precast concrete paving stones. Most of the big box home improvement stores carry them in stock, and you have the option of dry stacking the pavers or setting them in place with mortar.

How to build a fire pit. Images via Home Road.

Maybe a modern fire bowl would be the better solution when DIY is not an option. Both of the bowls shown below come with easy to use instructions.


Images above: hemispherical Firebowl Hemi 36 from Solus (left) and Pinterest (right).

Image via El Dorado Stone.

Stacked limestone would be a beautiful solution on a paved patio or tiled stone terrace.

Image via Houzz.

For the truly adventurous DIYer, why not build forms and pour concrete for a fire trough. What a beauty! Then, you can even host backyard fires on a wood deck.

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