Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dreamy dress forms ...

I've previously posted about my love for dress forms, and have even tried my hand at creating one from paper mâché. It won't ever be used for dress-making, but it makes for an interesting, life-sized sculpture!

There's a hauntingly beautiful magnetism found in a vintage dress form waiting for the arrival of its ghostly seamstress.

Seamstress form for sale on Etsy.

The rare gentlemen's form, circa 1900, was for sale on Etsy some time back. The bidding got too high for my pocketbook, but what a spectacular specimen for the winning bidder.

Dress form image by photographer Mandy Lynne.

Photographer's find the vintage dress form equally artistic, and I'm so happy that they share my eye.

Vintage dress form images via Love Stitching Red.

Dress forms (above) in the hands of blogger and textile artist Carolyn Saxby take on feminine personas when embellished with jewelry and lace. 

Image via Trouvais.

The full dress form above (circa 1909) reminds me that even with dieting and exercise, I never would have squeezed into the fitted waistlines of the time.

Image via Modern 50.

Ready to teach a sewing class, or just look like you do? If so, you might want to purchase or rent this well-worn form with a sunny disposition from Modern 50, a great little website with every vintage item you can think of for sale or rent. 

Image via Lori Miller Design.

Lori Miller has taken her interest in everything old to create a collection of greeting cards designed exclusively for those who love all things vintage. So, of course, she has included her dress form photos as sweet cards available through her website.

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