Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autumn centerpieces ...

I've begun to plan an autumn centerpiece for my dining table that will take us through Thanksgiving. I'm particularly interested in using some lovely pheasant feathers that I have in my studio just waiting for their debut in a great arrangement.

Image via Houzz.

A sweet, simple vase with pheasant feathers and floral stems is a super simple autumn centerpiece, and if you have a hunt theme, these elements are perfectly suited.

The nice thing about an autumn centerpiece is its decorative lifespan as a warm, inviting room accessory after it's finished with tabletop duty. Both of the arrangements above were designed by the Silky Flower Store.

Image via Stone Gable.

I might want to go dramatic with a vintage urn, gorgeous pheasant feathers, dried hydrangeas and hints of holiday elements in a metallic finish for extra flair. I really like the one above created by Stone Gable for their photo shoot.

Image via In Decorating.

Looking for a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece? Surround a glass hurricane and candle with mini corn cobs and wrap with humble twine to create a welcoming harvest theme.

Image via Studio Ten 25.

Centerpieces can have a dramatic impact with little fuss. Take a simple copper pot and place a gourd in the center. Surround the gourd with floral foam and place berry stems and flowers in the foam. Easy project. Great rustic character!

So many choices ... I'm off to forage for centerpiece supplies.

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