Saturday, September 3, 2011

A zebra in the house ...

I've been seeing more and more zebra patterned rugs since my animal prints post a few weeks ago. And, I'm liking what I see! While I tend to veer more to a conservative decor, these bold interpretations of natures' best graphic design set the tone for a truly dramatic room.

Image via Laurel Street.

The warm, neutral tones in the room above are expertly balanced by the rug that brings interest and texture to a timeless, classical design scheme.

I find both of the modern spaces above and below absolutely delicious! With little pops of color and a dynamic zebra rug, I would describe either room as heavenly. Images via Eclectic Revisited (above) and Decor Pad (below).

A classical sitting area draws its animal magnetisim from a well-placed carpet. The color and pattern provide the finishing touch to an otherwise monochromatic space. Image via My Home Ideas.

The office above is decorated with traditional elegance and a modern hand. Image via Decor Pad.

This Euro chic salon (above) gracefully blends old and new, formal and casual with a deft touch. Photo from Elements of Style.

If your kiddos are stylish wild animals, why not craft a zebra rug for their little jungle? This is a simple DIY project using a pre-made pattern, felt and glue. The little ones can select the color of their 'zebra' and may even want to help. Image and project from Chic Cheap Nursery.

Eat your heart out, Tarzan!

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Krystina said...

The DIY zebra rug project is awesome! This could be a fun gift for some new moms I know. Exciting!!

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