Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tartan season ...

Every season brings with it old traditions and new expressions in soft goods. The one constant is the enduring marriage of autumn with tartan plaids. So, you can see how those first cool mornings of the season send me into a tartan tizzy.

Image via Country Living.

I've posted about my equestrian love before. Although I have no horses, I would be happy to share my blanket with a beautiful mare any day.

Image via Pinterest.

Just hand me a cup of hot chocolate, a plaid piece of heaven and leave me to my thoughts.

Image via Country Living.

With the weather turning cooler, I'm ready to pack the picnic basket and gather my plaid blanket for a delightful day at the park.

Image via Country Living.

While tartans come in a variety of charming shades, I prefer the traditional red and black (a fondness stemming from my old school colors).

I'll gather my blanket, and we can be off on a great outdoor adventure now that fall has arrived!

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