Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tailgate party time ...

Football may only be a sport in other places, but in Texas, it's a sacred rite. Fan frenzy comes with its own ritual at this time of the year, the ceremonial tailgate party. Sadly, hubby and I have never tailgated ... ever.

Photo via Tailgating Ideas.

When we were young, he was playing football and I was performing for fans at the stadium as a member of the dance team. There was no opportunity to enjoy just being a part of the fan activities. By the time we were college age, we were pursuing our sport of choice every weekend - auto racing.

Photos via Country Living (left) and Better Homes and Gardens (right).

But, there has always been our love of football that has remained constant, albeit on television. Even our children attended college out of state, so that eliminated any parking lot picnics at the games. As a result, I've often thought that we missed out on something on game day.

Image via Houston Texans.

There are no professional football teams in our city, and it's a pretty long haul just to tailgate with fans of the Dallas Cowboys (5 hour drive) or Houston Texans (3 hours away). But, this year marks the inaugural season for two college football teams in San Antonio, the Roadrunners of The University of Texas at San Antonio and the Cardinals of the University of the Incarnate Word.

Maybe I could pack some football-inspired mini-pies as appetizers (via Old Time Favorites left) and munchable sammies (via Taste of Home right) to take out to the fan lot on game day.

I think I'll throw in some iced cookies, too.

Image via Whimsical Originals.

I guess there is no question about the ice chest full of beer. Building on new traditions is a reason to celebrate, even if it's in a parking lot!

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