Saturday, September 10, 2011

Street style ...

As always, packing luggage for a Paris vacation is loaded with challenges. It's a test of my Google skills just trying to determine this year's street style. I'm not about to trek through the fashion capital of the world looking dowdy!

The good news is that Paris street style changes little from year to year. A basic black wardrobe, several warm scarves, modest jewelry and classic handbag will take you from rue to rue day or night.

The most noticeable wardrobe updates are the shoes. This year seems to be all about the boots, from ankle to thigh high, with and without tights or leggings.

The bummer here is that The City of Light is experiencing a warm start to the fall season. With daytime temps over 70 degrees F, and nights in the mid to high 50s, I am not at all prepared to bring my warm weather things.

Fortunately, I've got this layering thing down pat. Add and subtract sweaters, vests, jackets and scarves to make the most of a limited travel wardrobe.

The look (left) via Pinterest.


Images above via Mashstreet (left) and Meg Saston (right). The orange gloves are a style-savvy accessory.

A cell phone and a smoke ... so French! Photo from Sidewalk Is A Runway.

Parisian chic. Photo by Deborah Sibley.

Let's interject a bit of color and some mature style, too. I took the above photo in 2009 at the Au Vieux Chatelet cafe in the 1eme. I was actually taking this shot of the waiter (is this type casting, or what!) when I noticed the classically styled customer. Her perfectly coiffed hair and fashionably elegant attire was perfectly suited for someone my age. So, I've tried to keep her in mind when selecting my travel clothes.  

I'm ready for take-off and will share new street style pics upon my return. Au voir!

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