Saturday, September 24, 2011

Runway inspired decor: Part II

Fashion week in New York fueled a creative firestorm in me, so I'm adding another installment of my visions for runway inspired decor. Last week, my post paired fashion and spaces in the hottest colors for Spring 2012: coral, pink and lavender.

This week, I've curated a few of the similarities I've seen in the blue, green and yellow color trends.

Images via designer Nicholas K and From Me to You.
 It's hard to tell if great interiors have informed the catwalk, or if fashion designers influence home decor. Either way, sumptuous fabrics are speaking volumes about the desire for glamour in our lives.

Images via Elene Cassis and Olympic Hue News.

The hint of an Asian influence above or a strong Chinoiserie bloodline below offers a striking silhouette on and off the runway.

Images via Chinoiserie Chic and Carlos Miele.

I love the watery blues paired with lime!

Images via Luca Luca and Baylor Says.

For a more dramatic colorway, I find chartreuse absolutely fabulous with black! I would love to own both the decadent dress and parlor below. Chartreuse updates each of these classic designs.

Images via Mode Avenue Paris and Coburn Architecture & Interiors.

Below, chartreuse is at its best as a pop of vivid color in a modern design.

Images via Panache and Passion and Pics Decor.

Don't let the pale players fool you. A touch of vanilla is so elegant, and with unexpected shots of black it can be definitely playful.

Images via Calvin Klein and Cote de Texas.

Just give me yellow, and I'm in a happy mood. The flirtly little dress (below) is as cheerful as the tone in the dining space. The styling of the artwork with the nibble-worthy centerpiece is perfection!

Images from Tibi via Living Flashily and Brabourne Farm.

Oh, there is more to come. We'll see the neutrals like black, white, taupes and grays in future posts. I'm hooked and can't stop now.

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Krystina said...

I will take the second dress in blue and the matching interior! Love it!

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