Saturday, September 3, 2011

Penchant for periwinkle ...

I have a dear friend with a penchant for periwinkle. When she asked for my help designing her master bedroom, I was thrilled. She has great taste, so I knew this would be fun.

She loves the cool periwinkle shade found in native Texas Plumbago. So, I should not have been so surprised that her color lust had invaded her boudoir plans, too.

Image via Pinterest.

Sure, it's awesome in a potting shed or on cottage exteriors, but it took some thoughtful coordination of paint swatches, fabrics, furniture and accessories to pull it off in a contemporary condo.

Images above and below via We Heart It.

She has a great eye, and together we make a pretty good design duo. When we were in full planning mode, it was hard to find any inspiration in magazines or online. So, we took on the design challenge with only color for inspiration. Since we've finished the bedroom makeover, I can now find lots of photos of rooms that take on periwinkle with great flare and sensible taste.

Image via Coco+Kelley.

My favorite part of our project, and the stand out winners in these rooms, has to be the drapery. I handmade silk taffeta draperies edged in dark royal purple velvet using a burn-out technique (here's my how-to) and a coordinating duvet cover and dust ruffle.  

Images via designer Lisa Martensen (left) and Classic Chic Home (right).

We scored two classic French Empire nightstands from a local antique store, and she added elegantly framed art over each bedside table. It all looks stunning ... somehow very refined like Jackie O and incredibly sexy at the same time. Who knew periwinkle could be so intriguing?

If that sounds a bit heavy-handed, my girlfriend was looking for different, daring and luxurious. There's nothing light and airy or specifically feminine as in the images above. In her romantic boudior, it's all about sensuous textures and surfaces that appeal to both sexes.

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