Saturday, September 3, 2011

Illuminated thinking ...

I've been thinking alot about chandeliers of late. It's not that I need to add any lighting to my house. Actually, I've been mentally designing a trade show booth for my new business venture, and a chandelier would be a perfect touch for the exhibit.

I'm in love. I've found THE chandelier. It's the Artic Pear fixture by Ochre. Glorious, isn't it! Too bad it's way over my budget at $8,900. Maybe if hubby has some time, I can convince him to make one similar.

Geez, even it's baby brother below 60cm diam x 26cm h (23½" diam x 10¼" h) is over $5,300.

Arctic Pear Chandelier

Here's one from Aristear (below) that's almost as striking and retails for CAD $425. Okay, I could budget for this one.

While I love traditional fixtures, I should reserve these ideas for home. The photo (below) is from 'By The Light of The Sea,' one of my favorite coffee table books that I re-visit often.

And, though I'm not really an art deco kind of girl, the blown, frosted glass chandelier (below) does make a striking statement. Image via Digs Digs.

Quirky is fun, too. I probably wouldn't consider these for my booth, but the fixtures below are a definite show stopper.


The flying angel-winged bulbs above are a playful escape from the ordinary as is the dramatic, red, twig fixture. Images via Paris K Interior Design (left) and Mountain Living magazine (right).

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