Saturday, September 3, 2011

Closet connoisseur ...

Ever since Big gave Carrie Bradshaw a divine NYC penthouse dressing room, I've been coveting a closet with plenty of space and style! Even if she is a fictional Sex in the City character, Carrie's dream closet is every real girl's fantasy.

Image via Pinterest.

Mind you, I am already obsessively organized. My shoes are shelved in clear, acrylic boxes and labeled, all of my clothes are hung on identical, white, plastic hangers and are organized by color. Within each color, blouses are hung left to right by sleeve length. Ditto for skirt lengths and slacks.


Images via Elle Decor (left) and Pinterest (right).

Out of season clothes are folded and stored on closet shelves or in drawers. As you can imagine, I have run out of space in a walk-in closet that I share with hubby.

Image via Live Creating Yourself.

How do the Europeans do it? With vastly smaller space than American closets, wardrobes must be curated with an expert touch. I'm always amazed.

Image via Design Indulgences.

I can't evict my hubby from the closet. After all, he has a significant amount of clothing, too. So, I've been thinking about a plan.

Image via Design Indulgences.

Why not convert a spare, unused bedroom into a fabulous dressing room and closet? Sounds like a perfect solution.

Image via Decor Pad.

Other than my treadmill, this spare room serves little purpose other than storage. I even have an antique fireplace surround and mantle that I could add to create a warm, welcoming dressing room. I may be on to something here!  

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