Saturday, August 6, 2011

Purple DNA ...

Thus far, I have avoided my genetic disposition to purple. But, my weakness for this color family is getting harder to deny. From the lightest lilac to the deepest eggplant, I'm destined to incorporate royalty's favorite hue in my home's design scheme in some way.

Since I'm not terribly brave, I could start with a bit of lilac or plum in upholstered pieces like those above. The stunning, transitional space has modern lines with traditional roots. I would do this in a heartbeat! Photos by photographer Per Gunnarsson.

I find the subtle shades of plum and lavender in floral arrangements and accent pillows charming and perfectly suited to my tastes. Images above via Brabourne Farm (left) and Cote de Texas (right).


From the luster of glassware to fabric lampshades, purple complements the character and style of gray-washed rooms. Images via In The Thick of It (left) and The Lennoxx (right). By the way, I absolutely adore the sitting room at right with its classic beauty and modern charm.

I believe I could grow bolder with an accent wall painted in grape!

The dining room at left sports fabulous library paneling that is not lost with the solid paint treatment. Really, the varying shades of white trim and furnishings stand in stark contrast to the purple with spectacular results.

Image via Trendirs.

My favorite accent wall has to be the one shown below. I am particularly drawn to the color of eggplant, and LOVE, LOVE the chartreuse drapery's contrast against the painted wall.

This room feels like Spain to me and reminds me of my visit to Barcelona. Image via Design Indulgences.

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