Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pleasures of a pied-à-terre ...

As if you can't tell, my mind is on our upcoming visit to Paris. Every time hubby and I head to France, we rent an apartment. It is a great way to experience the lifestyle of the residents and to become more intimately acquainted with the neighborhoods.

Image via Elle Decor.

If you asked my hubby, he'd tell you that I've been longing to own a Paris pied-à-terre (a small, vacation flat) of our very own. With the conversion rate of US dollars to Euros, that probably won't happen anytime soon.


I love to look at photos of fabulous apartments and visualize what type of pied-à-terre I would put on my wish list. Both swoon-worthy spaces above are typical of lofty Parisian flats with floor to ceiling windows and wood chevron-patterned floors. Images via An Indian Summer (left) and from my photo collection at right (sorry, I don't have a photo credit for this one).

The formality of Coco Chanel's flat (above) is lovely, but I think I would prefer the transitional feel of designer Juan Montoya's personal pied-à-terre (below.)

On previous visits, we've always rented a 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment, but extra space for family and friends was a must this year. We've moved to a 2 bedroom/2 bath rental apartment. It isn't grand, but it's absolutely perfect for us and our family. I love its St-Germain location in the 6th arrondissment.

Photos of our rental apartment living room (above) and dining room (below) via A La Carte Paris.

Even if that day of pied-à-terre ownership never comes, I will be content to rent my little piece of Paris and feel like les habitant du quartier!

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