Saturday, August 6, 2011

No need to fret ...

Let someone else do the fretwork for you. Now, we all can have beautifully embellished furniture, doors, cabinetry or just about anything imaginable using ready-made fretwork panels. O'verlays by Danika & Cheryle can transform bland furnishings into imaginative pieces with a high-end look.

Take a ho-hum chest of drawers, the easily attachable O'verlay panels, and cans of primer and spray paint for plastic and create glam results on any project. My mind is racing through all of my possessions to select my first candidate for transformation.

I love that there are six different panel styles, including ovals and a variety of geometric designs. While all panels come in standard sizes, the company will also produce custom sizes upon request, and everything is made in the USA.

Even artists are elevating fretwork to worldly acclaim. Just take a look at the intricate lace created from clay by artist Jessica Pezalla.

Pezalla's work really showcases the intimate detail and beauty of fretwork in any medium.


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