Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hung up on art ...

Sure, there are lots of walls in my casa, but sometimes it's hard to gauge where to best create a gallery wall for my hodge podge collection of art and photos.

Image via From The Right Bank.

The dilemma comes from the fact that I like to change out my artwork on a fairly regular basis. If I created a less structured display, then I could move frames around without adding additional holes in the walls.

Image via Greige.

I've also learned that the secret to a good looking gallery wall stems from the similarity of frames, matting or subject matter. So, I'm always on the lookout for antique frames that are compatible with what I already own. Even if I have no art to frame at present, I pick up any frames that will work well with my current gallery so I have a supply on hand for future works.

Image via Abigail Ahern.

Perhaps, I am one of those people who could benefit from slim profile wall shelves. If I had these in my hallways, I could change out my gallery at whim.

Sounds like a brilliant idea until I think about it being just one more thing to catch dust!

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