Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guest favors ...

I love the thought of giving guest favors following wedding receptions, and from these events I've culled some clever ideas for treating guests to something special. Of course, handmade favors rank the highest on my personal favorite's list whether its a reception or simple dinner party for friends.

My buddy Glenda passed along the photo above from a wedding attended by her daughter Marcie. The bridal couple had a midnight milk and cookies treat ready for guests at their reception with a imprinted monogram glass as the guest favor.

Homemade jelly and jams are always appreciated. Here they have been 'canned' in small jars and embellished for a casual wedding favor. The 'Spread the Love' label commemorates the event. This favor would be equally appealing as a gift for guests attending a casual home dinner.

Jars of fresh honey or homemade sauces are always a hit with guests, and they are so easy to make ahead with personalized bottle labels. Images via Dex Knows (left) and Style Me Pretty (right). I've got to tell you that honey is quickly moving up my 'Best of' list. Check out a great article from Food Matters about the healing powers of honey.

Since the planting of our olive grove, I have been giving thought to how we might enjoy and share our first big harvest. This looks to be the year, and I may just bottle our oil for friends and family to enjoy, but I still have to find a source for pressing our fruit. At any rate, I think some handsome bottles like these would be a great favor containing artisan olive oil with infused herbs. Image via Oh Hello Handmade.

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