Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fashion icon Iris Apfel ...

Iris Apfel relishes the labels placed upon her: eccentric, irreverent, charismatic, iconic - the list goes on and on. She wears these labels as effortlessly and unconventionally as the fashion labels that have given her 'star' status in the last six years.

At age 89, Apfel is the toast of New York, "a geriatric starlet," as she calls herself. She is fashion's 'IT' girl with an unconventional eye for clothes composition and accessorizing. After a Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition of her clothes and jewelry in 2005, Apfel became an instant celebrity on the hip NY social scene.

Her star status has crossed the pond, and The Guardian in London has proclaimed that "she has taken the world of style by storm." The kookiness of her wardrobe and accessories have guided her rise to fame. Even her signature round glasses have earned icon status.

It's not just what fills her closet (which is actually a spare room with racks and racks of clothing) that has earned her the praise of designers and stylists. Her home is an extension of her eclectic taste and intriguing 'je ne sais quoi.' Apfel's Park Avenue apartment in Manhattan is featured in the June 2011 issue of Architectural Digest, much to the delight of her admirers everywhere.


Much like her clothes collection, the maverick fashionista and interior designer has bejeweled every imaginable surface in her home with flair and an editorial eye.


Inexplicably, Apfel somehow makes disparate relics all work together in a way that Architectural Digest describes as her, "idiosyncratic sartorial flair."

If anyone has flair, it is indeed Iris Apfel - a rare bird by anyone's standards and a collector extraordinare. Her exuberance for distinctive textiles and artifacts is evident in her 3 bedroom maze of unique finds from across the world.

She has accepted a position as a visiting professor at The University of Texas at Austin’s School of Human Ecology with plans "to help them beef up their fashion and textile departments."

I wonder if she could drop by my place and make some sense of my things, too. My house and my wardrobe could both use a boost!

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Krystina said...

What an inspiration! I look forward to being as hip as she is in my later years!

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