Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's blooming: not much

Between the temperatures hovering around 100 degrees for more than 30 days and one of the worst droughts on record, there's not much blooming in our gardens. But, our Moss Rose seems to find joy even under these intolerable conditions. It is the only potted plant that continues to blossom at our pergola.

Moss Rose (portulaca grandiflora)

The Moss Rose loves an environment that is hot and dry. Welcome to Texas my little lovelies! With their succulent leaves and brightly-hued flowers, these babies are a perfect match for our climate. Mine freeze back each winter in a pot they share with other bloomers, but with the arrival of summer these roses take center stage.

When moss rose gets too long and lanky (they can spread up to two feet), just pinch them back and stick the cut stem back in the soil to root. Like every flowering plant in my garden, I deadhead spent blooms to keep the energy flowing into new growth.

While the weather has diminished the beauty in most area landscapes, some truly dedicated gardeners have created amazing hanging baskets to add lush greenery. The patio at Scenic Loop Cafe is a perfect example of container gardening that I would love to emulate.


Everything from begonias and caladium to ferns and ivy adorn the hanging baskets on the cafe patio. Beautiful!

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