Friday, July 8, 2011

Twin peeks ...

Growing up, I always had twin single beds in my room. That was perfect for friends sleeping over at my house! But, now that I've grown up, I've noticed that single beds have matured too.  They're not just for children anymore.

Restoration Hardware knows a thing or two about staging a dramatic guest room with twin, metal beds.

Whether its modern industrial like the French Academie iron beds staged above, or transitional canopy beds with classic lines as in the bedroom below, single beds can be part of a stunning design style.

Image via From The Right Bank

I'm not sure if it's the practicality or the symmetry that reels me in, but I'm certainly a fan of seeing double in guest rooms.

Twin beds, like those above, are great for accommodating guests at a holiday home. Above, the beach cottage theme is beautifully expressed in the bedding's fabrics and hues. Images via Architectural Digest (left) and Shelter (right).

Image via Brabourne Farm

Single beds (above) are dressed with a feminine cottage charm, but I would think any gentlemen would find this room a welcome respite from a day's toils.

All of this cozy bedtime viewing is making me sleepy ... time to nod off for dreams of bedroom bliss ...

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cribs for twins said...

Gorgeous,Love your single beds in your bedroom.

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