Monday, July 4, 2011

Nature's chapel ...

A backyard wedding can be a challenge to stage, particularly in the heat of a Texas summer. But, my BFF and I had a blast creating outdoor vignettes for her big day.

Use what you have on hand to house wedding flowers.

Tree stumps (above) become plant stands for vintage buckets filled with fresh summer flowers. I made a kissing ball (right) to hang from an oak tree limb above the ceremony site and draped flowing cheesecloth tied with hemp to a wire strung between oak trees. The breezy sheers created a focus 'wall' to diminish the background clutter.

Chain link gates and fence posts needed a little dressing to make them a little less prominent. We wired some old watering cans (above) to secure them in place, added water and flowers for a cheery entry to the site.


Old canning jars were wired to the posts and tied with raffia bows. These wild flowers placed in the jars with water add lots of color around the guest tables. We scattered plants potted in tin buckets throughout the yard to add interesting vignettes.

My hubby and daughter did a fabulous job of working long hours in hot sun to assist with staging the event! Thank you! All images above by the Divine Miss K.

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