Friday, July 1, 2011

Making wedding bouquets and boutonnieres ...

Making a wedding bouquet is really an easy, money saving project. I made two summer floral bouquets (for the bride and matron of honor) and two boutonnieres (for the groom and best man) for my BFF's wedding this past weekend.

My colorful, handmade bouquets are just what the bride wanted for her casual, outdoor wedding.

To get a good idea of how to make the bouquets, I visited an online, step-by-step instruction video created by Lynn Jawitz with Florisan on the website.


To create the bouquets, you'll need scissors, garden snips or shears, floral wire, florist tape, long pins, ribbon of your choice and fresh flowers. I picked up two bunches of assorted summer flowers from our local grocer and began by snipping off an inch from each stem and placing the flowers in water for about 4 hours to allow them to open up.


The first thing to do is select a center flower and three flowers to surround the center. Wrap these with florist tape, then, add three more flowers to fill in around the initial three. Wrap all with tape. Continue this process until you have achieved the fullness you want for your bouquet.

Hold the taped flowers and begin wrapping ribbon around the tape from top to bottom, then, back to top, overlapping the ribbon. Pin the ribbon in place with two or three pins pointing upward.

Cut all of the stems with snips or shears to the length you desire. Place the finished bouquet in a vase with water until the ceremony starts. After the wedding, the flowers can be returned to the vase to decorate your home.

My matron of honor bouquet (at left) is still looking fresh two days after the wedding.

The men's boutonnieres are a cinch to make! Select one or two flowers to place in front of a couple of leaves (for greenery) and wrap them together with florist tape. I choose to cover the bottom of the stems with tape as well, but I've seen others that allow the bottom portion of the stems to show. Provide a pin for attaching to the shirt or jacket.


A couple of reminders: Don't get carried away with the quantity of flowers for the boutonniers. You don't want him wearing a corsage! And, boutonnieres are worn over the left chest (closer to the heart).

Images above are photos taken by moi (just flowers) and the divine Miss K (show on wedding party).

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