Thursday, July 21, 2011

Animal instincts ...

I would never, ever suggest using an animal hide to decorate your home. Geez, surely we've all evolved since the time when early man roamed the plains and lived in caves. But, I'm all for handsome man-made animal prints that bring a bit of untamed nature into our lives.

The zebra print rug perfectly anchors the seating group above, adding interest and texture to a well-dressed living room. Image via Splendid Sass.

Even in a room this enormous, and with a variety of surfaces and textures, the animal print ottoman makes a noteable impression in the seating area. Image source unknown

Zebra prints seem to be a favorite among decorators. It's hard to deny the animal magnetism found in the upholstered pieces above. Images via Home Unplugged (left) and ArchiThings (right).

The union of nature's patterns with modern materials can result in a beautifully contemporary design style. Occasional table photo (above) via Flick River.

Red cheetah and yellow zebra patterns add whimsy and drama to the space at left. Image via Design Clique.

Oh, Dr. Doolittle, could you have a chat with my sofa?

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