Saturday, June 25, 2011

Up against the wall ...

The last time my portrait was painted, I was four or five years old. Actually, it's quite a good likeness. But, it really doesn't have the artistic impact needed to capture and hold attention in a room, which is why I've decided to include more large canvases in my home.

Wouldn't a bold visual like the one above (via The Diversion Project) be a great addition to a space? I would certainly love to own it.

The painterly style of portraits can cover lots of artistic periods, mediums and color palettes ... just about all suit my taste. I'm not sure why I gravitate to the human form over other subjects, but like a moth to flame, I'm hooked.


Yesteryear's charm is evident in the portrait shown in the photo at left via The Diversion Project. Dining with ancestors would be great fun! At right, portraiture with a modern approach becomes the focus in a sitting room featured in Shelter.

Oh, Mona, you know how to jazz up a room! I am totally in love with the larger-than-life graphic photo trend that has taken art to 'everyman' thanks to large format printing capabilities. Somehow, I'm sure Leonardo da Vinci would have been happy soaking in a tub under the watchful gaze of his muse. Image via Elle Decor

My new 4' x 4' giclee on canvas 

Above is my newest art addition. I'm quite fond of this reproduction that's resting in the foyer. Its eventual home will most likely be in the guest room, but for now this chap seems happy to have a prime viewing spot near Venus.

You probably aren't wondering about my portrait that I mentioned earlier, but for those curious minds, here I am ...

A very young Alamodeus captured on canvas.

 Ah, to be forever young!

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