Friday, June 17, 2011

Locavore suppers ...

Becoming a locavore is really all about becoming conscious of the foods we eat, knowing where and how our foods are grown. The steps we take to eat locally produced food can benefit our health, protect the environment and support small farmers in our area.

With the public's growing participation in the local food movement, numerous Farmer's Markets have sprung up in the U.S. in recent years. Of course, we're just finding out what our friends in Europe have known for ages ... fresh fruits, vegetables and livestock sourced from family farms footsteps from the city is far better than anything harvested hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away and transported at a cost to our environment.

Related to the locavore movement is the phenomenal rise in Farm to Table restaurants and supper clubs that are bridging the gap between farmers and chefs.

You can't go to the internet without tripping over hundreds of establishments that offer sustainable suppers at some charming farm or amazing, historic venue. So, I've plucked out a few that were recommended in Bon Appetit and have a web presence you can check out. Enjoy!

First, the mother of all locavore dinner programs that has a serious wait list for tickets:

Outstanding In The Field
Travels to locations across the United States and Canada

Dai Due Supper Club, Austin, Texas

Dai Due Supper Club
Austin, Texas: Held weekly

Peaceful Belly
Boise, Idaho: Held June to September

Photo from Peaceful Belly, Boise, Idaho

Meadowlark Farm Dinners
Boulder, Colorado: Held June to October

Guerrilla Cuisine
Charleston, South Carolina: Held monthly

Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery
Champaign, Illinois: Held every other week from spring to fall

Plate & Pitchfork
Portland, Oregon: Held in July and August

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